Harlan Cohen's “Win or Learn” is a book that consists a process of five practical experiments that will teach you different ways to be immune to the rejections of life and the vulnerabilities that come with those rejections! In a nutshell, this book will teach you to: ▪️'want' something,▪️accept and embrace the discomfort that comes... Continue Reading →

• Mensch /Men(t)SCH/n. A person of integrity or honor.“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott AdamsWhat does it take to be a kind person? NOTHING! We don't have to pay taxes for being kind neither it's against any law. Kindness... Continue Reading →

As a reader, sometimes you just look at the book cover and you admit at that very moment how amazing that book can be. It's more like readers’ attraction to such books where instead of hormones; neurones fire in their brain and cause anticipation to read those books as soon as possible. It's all about... Continue Reading →

What is ‘career crisis’? Many of us may not have a clear idea about it but to some degree, we all face it—not just once, but many times in our lifetime. This is kind of a phase when people lose jobs, face a major downfall in their career, plan to change their career, couldn't adjust... Continue Reading →

I am thrilled and moved by everything that I read in this book because once again I couldn't see through the book cover and misunderstood it with a military thriller. In a way, maybe it was, (not a spoiler) but from what aspect does it look like a paranormal thriller? From its cover and synopsis,... Continue Reading →

Release date: May 25, 2021 Imagine waking up one day to find the whole human race vanished while you were asleep. There is no electricity, no running vehicles, no reliable source of food or water, deserted streets and roads with overgrown weeds with wild animals roaming around to hunt. On the top of that list,... Continue Reading →

After The Dark by Rohit Pagare

Mother's eyes brimmed with tears. “He has forgotten his mischiefs. I wish I knew the secret of preserving his childhood for him to live it later. He is becoming a man much too quickly.”“Destiny”, father said.“Poverty”, mother replied gently.When I picked this book, I was expecting it to be more like a crime thriller, but... Continue Reading →

Release Date: 10 December 2020 There's something about some books that differ them from other books, for me that's the vibe that I get from the books that I pick. This was the same matter when I started this book and just after reading 80 pages, I knew that I, again, made the right choice... Continue Reading →

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